Work With Light. 10/8/21

Work with light:

*Could your family use more Divine Light in the house? I know at times, my house will become very low energy and family fights will erupt. Negativity will fill the air, overwhelming the house and everyone inside. So what has happened is the infamous T-shirt “Crap happens” has begun to manifest in the house. When I finally wake up and realize what’s going on I call to the Light of the Divine to descend around me (to strengthen my Aura) so that I will no longer feel the negative energy pull on my emotions. Then I ask that this Light radiate around everyone in the house. (I will also extend this energy around all the animals and cars outside). I call forth the Violet Flame to expand from within my heart center to fill every room of the house with the color Violet, inwardly seeing everyone in the Violet Flame, cleansing and purifying the energy of the house. Then I call God, Michael the Archangel, Jesus, Buddha, etc. (Divine being of your choice) to remove any entity, that is not in the Light of God, from any of my loved ones, and release this entity to the Light of God to be transmuted by Light and Love into Light and Love. And as I believe and have faith that God has answered my call—it is done. Then before I go to bed at night I will get more specific in what I pray for.

*So many people complain about how unhappy they are at the office because there is someone working there with whom they do not get along. When I find myself in the same situation, I meditate every night and see this person in a Bubble of Divine Light. I also call to his or her Higher Self from my Higher Self and I ask that they get together on the Etheric plane and communication be opened between us. That whatever is blocking us from being friends, be brought out into the open in a gentle kind way, so that we can discuss the problem in a friendly manner. I also say whoever sends me any dark energy of any kind is neutralized upon entering my Aura and I return Love. Keep sending Love, Love, Love. When you send Love two things will happen. You will either become friends with that person or they will leave … the room ... the job ... etc. They will leave of their own choosing because the energy of Love will make them too uncomfortable to stay in that working environment.

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