What can you do to help world enlightenment move forward? 10/3/21

*Be Happy *Amplify light. *Do random acts of kindness *Talk about world enlightenment and how you see it manifesting. *Say a short prayer asking that all life forms reconnect to the Creator. *See people in power reconnecting to source and become awakened spiritual beings. *See all children reconnecting to Source and be given their Divine Missions and Purposes and ways to fulfill them. *Talk about what the world will be like when we are in enlightenment. *Call talk shows and discuss world enlightenment and what that will look like. *Create sacred space in your home, place of work and children s schools by anchoring light to the center of building and allow it to expand to fill the structure. *Send energy to mother earth and see her dominate over monsanto. *Send energy to everything good and see everyone’s Divine missions moving forward in quantum leaps. *Reconnect to the Creator and heal you and your families DNA. *Send energy everyday to the darkest spots on the planet.

*Anchor light in the Pentagon and all military installations.

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