Twin Flames/Divine Mates 11/9/21

May all the energy overlays and blocks be removed that is keep Divine Mates/ Twin Souls/ Twin Flames from coming together to complete their Divine Missions. As these energies are removed see these beings magnetize to each other and when they come together they recognize each other as their ultimate partner. From your heart send love energy to their heart chakra. Now feel it being returned. Do that 2 more times (or as much as you like

Feel yourselves being drawn to each other and your Twin Flame/ Divine Mate comes right to your front door.

When that happens your souls recognize each other and you start doing all your Divine Missions together. When Twin Flames come together nothing can stop their Divine Works. What is a Divine Mate? A Divine Mate is the person God choose you to be with. That is a great relationship for God choose you to be together. Omm Shanti Shanti.

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