*Take a Minute Every Day and Reconnect to Source. 10/6/21

*Short Exercise to Reconnect to Source. By Cathy Bilsky

Many people have come to me in the past few weeks remarking how much of a challenge it has been in their lives asking how they can change. Here is a very short simple exercise to help you shift this energy.

Take a minute sit down and get still. Send a silver cord directly to Source asking that you receive a high vibration energy that fills you up so nothing..no lower vibration can come into your body. Breath in the light. Take a few gentle deep breaths allowing more of this high frequency energy to integrate in a kind loving way with all your cells, atoms, molecules going all the way down into your DNA.

Ask Source to fill your house up with this vibration raising the energies to a comfortable level for all living there.

This can be done anywhere at any time.

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