Short Mini Meditations for Those Who Have Short Attention Spans for World Enlightenment. 10/10/21

By Cathy Bilsky

Don’t have a lot of time for a long prayer? Here are some quickie meditations for you to give a little attention to. Read one or read them all. Pick one to focus on for the day...or (short attention span) for a few minutes. It does matter what you put your creative energies on. It’s all about intent and effort. All of these short meditations will help the planet Quantum leap into the age of divine enlightenment.

*Imagine all life forms reconnecting to the Creator to become spiritually awakened beings.

*Imagine all reptilians reconnecting to the Creator to become a spiritually awakened being.

*Imagine all military's refusing to be deployed for any wars.

*Imagine all weapons of war malfunctioning.

*World Enlightenment NOW!

*See all life forms quantum moving into enlightenment.

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