Quantum Leaping the World into the Golden Age, Divine Infinity & Beyond.By Cathy Bilsky & Dr J. Wong

We have activated this Divine idea and it is time to move forward in Quantum Leaps. Now we are at the leaping prayer.

Please say this prayer out loud once a day using the power of the spoken word. The louder, more feeling and intent you put into it will help us manifest this Divine Age quicker. Hold a crystal in your hand when you speak this prayer and the crystal will amplify your energy even more. Say this at the end of your Prayer/meditation circles when the energy is at its highest. Group energy is what this is all about and we need the energy of as many people as we can. Send this prayer out to your friends and ask them to pass it on. See this message going around the world and touching everyone.

Let’s Make Quantum Leaping the World into the Golden Age popular......please talk it up. It's time! If not now …tell me when. It’s Time!

Blessings to you all May the Divine send you all your hearts desires. Catherine

Quantum Leaping the World into the Golden Age, Divine Infinity & Beyond.

Let there be light! In the name of the presence of God, which "I Am", through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I Command:

I call to the Architect of The Universes, Divine Creators and ask for permission to Quantum Leap the World and all life forms on all planes and dimensions, seen and unseen connected with planet earth. To let us go beyond our known potential into the greatest unknown Golden Age the universes and worlds and all planets have ever experienced. Let us take the best of all lifetimes, all golden ages, all worlds, galaxies and create such a Divine and enlightened planet that is even beyond the Creator’s imagination. Imagine the Creators laughing with joyful glee on this action we have put into motion with every breath we now breathe. And is snowballing, quantum leaping forward every moment. Every time some one reads this prayer see the energy amplifying 100,000,000 fold, creating a higher resonance with the Creators and the Architect of The Universes.

See the blissful information and energy of heaven surrounding earth like a golden shimmering rainbow of colors. See this energy anchoring now to the planet; all life forms; elemental kingdom; angels; from the lowest of consciousness life forms, any trapped and stuck entities, any aliens from other worlds; the Reptilian king and queen, all their seeds including all hybrids; any one practicing any kind of black magic, voodoo, and black witch craft. All the way up to the most enlightened beings on the planet None excluded, all included. As this energy settles in seeing everyone’s integration gentle loving and kind going into everyone’s DNA, soul memory and dreams.

As all life forms dream and create, let them dream of all the times they lived in the Golden Age where there are plenty of everything, everyone is using their Spiritual psychic abilities for many different forms of Divine Creation , no one lacked for any thing, functional families where men and women lived side by side in Divine harmony. Lots of laughter with every one practicing compassion, joy, kindness and love in action. See these dreams being brought into physical form.

Any one who chooses not to go forward into the Golden age and tries to stop this prayer from forward movement I ask their Higher Self, spiritual teachers and guardian angels to step in and put them in positions of harmlessness. We ask the creators to give them special grace and unlock the doors in their minds that are keeping them from connecting to the higher frequency of light. Release all that which are holding them back. I ask all the creators to close down the reptilian part of the brain and open up the Divine God brain filling them with what ever high vibration is needed to shift them so everyone gets to go into the Golden Age. Leaving no one behind. Send these beings and entity’s whatever vibration, sound, color, and memories of being connected to the creator they need so they gently evolve into the light. The Creator, their Higher selves and Angels know exactly what each one needs and are sending it to them as we speak.

See us propelling ourselves far into the Divine Golden Age way beyond the Creators wildest dreams of a Golden Age planet.

Angels, humans , elementals and extraterrestrials working together, all veils removed so everyone’s psychic potential is being developed and put into practical practice. Families putting love into action and becoming Divinely functional, having everything they need when they need it. The elderly are honored for their wisdom. People becoming awakened spiritual beings practicing religious tolerance and the positive aspects of their religion.

See us working at one with beings from other galaxies and planets who are just delighted we are quantum growing into enlighten beings and giving us all the new tools, ideas and technologies on how we can make this a more joyful functional enlightened planet. Taking us beyond our Divine potential.

The earth is being treated with much respect. The old ancient cultures responsible for taking care of the planet sharing their secrets and beliefs as every one listens with open minds and hungers for their knowledge. Using that knowledge with wisdom.

All sacred knowledge of all natural healing methods are put into practice including all tools made out of stones, light, sound, energy and vibration. Enlightened beings growing healing herbal gardens

Everyone is being taught the sacred teachings, paths of enlightenment and truths. All knowledge flows freely, gifts in music, the arts, sports and intuitive… are encouraged and allowed to be developed.

Enlightened politicians and elected officials that tell the truth acting for the benefit of humanity. With limited terms of service.

The earth is a healed being at one with all life forms on her. Everyone so in tuned to the mother earth that they can hear her sing; her sighs; where she needs extra light; becoming aware of every move and grove she needs to do. Allowing her to do so and move out of her way with grace and understanding like people do for the Fire Goddess Pele in Hawaii when she needs to flow. The interaction with the earth and all life forms is gentle, loving, kind and conscious.

Organic food abounds. Chemical free clean pristine water earth and sky.

The sun and wind are harnessed in true solar fashion. Tesla’s ideas and inventions of free energy being created with all walks of life benefiting.

People living in joy for hundreds of years if they choose and when it is time to make transition it is done with much joy and understanding of light evolution.

Everyone…all life forms going beyond their Highest Divine potential.

We ask the Creator to fill in whatever we have left out to take manifesting Quantum Leaping the World into the Golden Age far beyond our dreams and imaginations into the Creators thoughts, wishes and dreams

We ask that all who are manifesting the Quantum Leap be given all they need on all levels. Complete protection and be put under bubbles of invisibility so they are hidden from the dark side. As this Divine idea flows outward see all walks of life coming together in harmony and of one accord. Each person and group remembering their Divine Missions and what their parts are in Quantum Leaping the World into the Golden Age. Putting it now into action. Let all the Divine sleepers awaken to their Divine missions and Divine Purposes NOW.

As always we put this in your hands our Architect of The Universes and Divine Creators. Propel us into what your concept of the Golden Age is. Inspire us, guide us into doing not our will but thy will be done.

So be it.


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