Prayer for ALL Light Workers. 10/14/21

Prayer for ALL Light Workers ~ by Cathy Bilsky & Yvonne Wykes

Great Spirit, I INVOKE the following….

The activation of the Law of Abundance with the help and knowledge of our Atlantian and Lemurian ancestors, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, archangels, elementals, unicorns, Gods and Goddesses, everything that is connected to the Great Spirit.

I call to Arch Angel Michael and ask you to cut ALL low vibration (negative) ties and bonds to ALL energies, entities and fears that we have accumulated in ALL of our lifetimes and to protect us always.

I call to Ganesha to remove ALL blockages and to allow ALL Light workers’ life and work to flow easily, gracefully and comfortably with Love.

Saint Germain, Saint Germain, Saint Germain please allow ALL our low vibrations to pass through your Violet Flame of transmutation and fill the spaces with LOVE.

I call to the Christ Consciousness in ALL of us to be activated and to help us find inner peace and it be reflected into our environments.

I send LOVE and HOPE and PEACE to ALL people and entities throughout the Universe to help them raise their own vibrations in their own time as everything happens in Divine Timing and Order.

I call to the Higher Self of ALL Light workers and I ask for you to cancel, nullify and release ALL vows, curses, hexes and low vibration (negative) overlays that are restricting us to move forward.

I now see ALL Light workers full of and radiating SO much light that they become magnets for everything they need, it is being drawn to them from the Universe.

I see ALL Light workers from around the globe in ALL levels of existence re-connecting, communicating, sharing, helping and healing each other so they can fulfill their Divine

Missions with ease whilst helping to raise the vibration of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I call for ALL Light workers to attract only high vibration (positive) loving, healthy relationships into their lives.

I give Thanks, Love, Light, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Peace, Compassion, Joy and Oneness.

Never the less not our will but thy will be done.

SO BE IT !!!

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