Hello everyone;

Part of my nightly prayers is that the Divine bring people into my store that I have Divine missions with. And when we see each other we recognize each other and are aware of what we can do for each other.

Today I had a man come into my store and asked me if I would help him with his mission (it is so nice to be direct with each other and get down to the point). When he told me his mission I was delighted and I would do my best to get his message out there into the world. It isn't a really new concept and many people have discussed it. It is time for it to come into creation.

It is time to create heaven on earth.

This is the 100th monkey theory put into action. The more people who focus on this simple concept, the quicker it will happen.

So let’s really put that thought form out there.

Can you remember one time in your life that you experienced Heaven on Earth?

...take your time you will find at least one moment in your life. As your light bulb goes on and this moment brings back that Divine joy in your life, know what I am talking about is possible.....and can happen with the speed of our thoughts.

This is called Divine Creation.

I am asking that each day you take one minute and give these idea lots of positive energy and share this idea with at least one person.

The idea is that we have already created Heaven on Earth.

See Heaven's and Earth's energy's become one and everything reconnect to love.

See Divine Love expressed all around you.Believe it.Live it.

May you be showered with lots of random acts of kindness.

May your hearts swell up with joy as you pay it forward.

What is Heaven being expressed on earth?

You see it everyday when someone simply shows kindness, compassion, nurturing, sharing, caring and has the will to listen. People laughing, joy, bad attempts at humor, good attempts at humor. Heaven is expressed thru peace, giving and receiving. Forgiving ourselves and others for mistakes we make.

Heaven is the rainbow you saw that morning. The beautiful breath taking sunset...or was it the sunrise? Heaven is all around and Divine Love is expressed in so many ways we just need to remember.

As we do others will.

What a joyful assignment that I hope you share with others. Let it snowball we are already there we just have to help people remember.

Heaven is here. Let’s rejoice. It is a matter of time when the whole earth is in a world of Divine Love in action.

I ask that all your Divine Missions are given positive forward movement. And you receive all the Divine abundance to fulfill them.


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