Healing the Water Elemental and all Sea Life. 10/16/21

Healing the water elemental and all sea life. By Cathy Bilsky Dedicated to my dolphin and whale friends.

This is a prayer I say every week in group and many people requested that I put it on paper.

Let there be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I AM through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I COMMAND!

I call to Michael the Archangel and ask that all negative ties that the water elemental has taken on be cut from them, transmuted by the violet flame and filled with so much love that the water elemental reconnects to the Creator.

Now let’s imagine this beautiful Divine healing energy coming up through the earth flowing into all waters on the planet. As we focus on the ocean we see this healing energy recharging all plankton then flowing into the coral reefs. As we send this healing energy into the coral reefs we ask the creator to put the spark of life back into all the coral reefs on the planet. We now see all reefs coming back to life and flourishing.

As we send this healing energy through the waters we see it neutralizing all radiation, poisons, toxins and all pharmaceutical drugs that are in it. This healing energy is also helping the water circulate so it is at its perfect divine temperature.

We see this healing energy neutralizing all out of balance sound including all sonar. We trace this sonar energy back to its source and cut the ties to all machines used. Violet flame them to clean them up, Angelite energy to heal, fill them up with love. As we reconnect them to the Creator we command them to be neutral by breaking down regularly or just stop functioning.

We now send a peaceful white noise through the oceans and all waters on the planet.

Let’s imagine now all this healing energy surrounding all sea life and we see them all reconnecting to the creator so they may fulfill their divine missions and be healthy. We send out special telepathic thoughts to all sea life, dolphins, whales, sharks, mantas, etc. to be guided where the water sanctuaries are to heal and be safe. We see the violet flame blazing thru all sea life to help them transmute all chemicals they may have ingested all the way down to the DNA. As all sea life is reconnected to the Creator we ask the Creator to awaken all sea life’s blue print for perfect health and put it into effect NOW!

Let’s put our attention on the gulf of Florida or any water that has had oil and chemicals spilled in it. We ask the mother earth to release lots of micro-organisms that are needed to eat up the oil and chemicals that were dumped there. We see people being Divinely inspired with new thoughts on how to clean up the oil spills that is very easy to do with no cost involved using mother natures gifts to clean up the mess. We ask that all who live there are filled with lots of strength, courage and divine inspiration on all the natural ways they need to heal. May they receive all needed medicines for free along with all the legal means to take the govt. and the companies responsible for this pollution to court and win.

We again call the violet flame thru these water areas to transmute all dark energy the water elemental must mirror.

See lots of energy going thru the north Atlantic currant to keep it flowing so it will help our planet keep its perfect temperature.

I want you to now see thousands and thousands of huge bottles of clean pristine mineral water that are 10 miles high x 10 miles long x 10 miles wide and are inches apart from each other all over the oceans. Inside these bottles of pristine oxygenated water let’s place all the minerals, plankton, kelp and what ever else the sea life needs to have to survive. See these bottles becoming sanctuaries for all sea life to go to.


We ask the angels, divas and all cosmic beings to keep all the radiation junk that is floating in the ocean from Fukishima off of all shores and sent into a newly created black whole that will take it off our planet. NOW!

I call to the goddess of justice to wield your sword and to send those that created this mess all the karmic return they deserve. NOW! I ask that their karmic return is amplified 100,000 fold. I ask that all their income is taken from them and sent to all the people they have harmed for their health care and to replace all lost incomes.

I see all Govt. officials responsible for all cover ups receiving their just karmic dues NOW! Loosing their jobs and going to prison. Replaced by a light worker that will be of service to all, compassionate with high integrity.

I see all magic keeping those responsible from being brought to justice being dissolved along with all energy veils of invisibility and protection. POOF! GONE!

Never the less not our will but thy will be done.


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