Energy Work for the Elderly. 11/13/21

In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I command:

I call to the Higher Selves of all Grandmas, Grandpas and all the elders, living on the planet to guide them be more open to new ideas, concepts and change. Cut these ties Michael to all overuse of drugs and any doctor that over-prescribes medication.

See all the elders being guided to real medicine, Chinese herbs, energy work, etc. See them living happy productive lives. See them able to try new experiences and careers. Doing more service work and healing each other. See them being needed, wanted and respected for their wisdom. I command the angels to bring to them what they need -- food, clothing, shelter and companionship. Fill them up with Divine Mission, Divine Purpose, Divine Joy and Divine Abundance, free and compassionate Healthcare and Healing in every way, shape and form.

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