Calling in a Divine Clearing & Abundance for All Light Workers. 11/14/21

In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I command:

Activation of the law of Divine Abundance to a point exceeding Atlantian and Lemurian times. Let this be directed to all Light workers and Divine Alchemists as a teaching tool.

I call to Michael the Archangel and I ask that you cut all ties and binds to all energies, entities and fears that are keeping Light workers from achieving this.

I call to Ganesha to remove all blocks and allow Light workers life and work to flow easily, gracefully and comfortably with less stress from the form side of life.

I call to the Higher Self of all Light workers and I ask that you cancel, nullify and release all overlays, vows, curses, hexes and negative energy overlays that are not permitting you to move forward.

I now see the Light workers being so filled with Light that they're magnets for everything that they need, it's being drawn to them. There is abundance on all levels and Divine workers that will help each other fulfill their Divine missions.

I command that all Light workers be given the Divine inspiration on how to fulfill their Divine Mission NOW!

Let them be sent all the means they need to succeed and let each true Light worker be given the keys that will unlock their storehouse of treasures NOW!


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