A Call 2 All Evolved Beings 2 Help the World and All Life Forms Quantum Leap in2 World Enlightenment

A Call to All Evolved Beings to Help the World and All Life Forms Quantum Leap into World Enlightenment. by Cathy Bilsky & Beverly Froggatt

We call to the Higher self of all life forms asking for permission to do this energy work for you.

Let their be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, thru the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me : I COMMAND;

We call to all our Guardian Angels to protect and guide us in our daily lives and all our earth missions. We call to our Spirit animals to guard us over treacherous individual traumas and strength gently inspiring us higher into the light of the Divine. We call to all Star beings of Divine Light keep us safe from all outside alien beings along with sending us more light so we all can stay connected to the Creator. Send us the wisdom to discern human from reptilian then guide us how to deal with the reptilians. We call to all Ascended masters to help us keep growing in the Light of the Divine so we may reach our goal of ascension. We call to all Goddesses past present and future to protect our families and create functional families. See the matriarchs being respected for their wisdom and guide us toward the Divine balance of men and women. See men and women living in harmony respecting each other for their gifts. We call to the Wise ones to give us visualization and direct us into personal and world enlightenment. We call to the Galactic family to surround us in so much light nothing of evil intent from other galaxies may descend to earth. See them send Divine Light energy that allows the earth and all life forms to quantum leap into Divine Enlightenment. We call to all Ascension guides to appear to us and bring us the evidence about light & enlightenment. See these beings open all the doors that allows all life forms to grow into the light always guiding and encouraging us to stay connected to the Creator. We call to all our Ancestors to surround us in love and guide us toward creating functional loving families that help each other stay connected to the Creator and whose goal is Divine enlightenment for all. We call to our Future selves to give us courage , strength and Divine inspiration to stay connected to the Creator! Always evolving into the Light of the Creator so we stay awakened spiritual beings that can see truth in all things. We call to our Higher Selves to help lift up our vibrations and keep us connected to the Creator so we stay awakened spiritual beings that see through all illusion being able to discern what is real and what is not. We call to all the Elementals to work all around us as the portals are lifting which creates new energy opportunities for us to open ourselves to working with nature putting her back into balance! We give the elementals permission to break down if they are being misused to hurt or harm any life form. We call to All life forms to come to the rescue of Mother Earth and all life forms.See the earth being brought back into natural balance as everyone evolves into the light.




Never the less not our will but thy will be done. So Be It!

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