Enlightenment Donations

World Divine Enlightenment 2021

All donations are to be put toward world enlightenment promotions. Any donations left over after December 24th will be donated to charity.


What you will receive with your donations.

Any donation of any size gratefully accepted.


What is Angelite

Our Angelite healing tools are made of a combination of Angelite, quartz crystals and assorted minerals all formulated for maximum healing potential and set in a special resin with a dash of healing ash from India. They all glow in the dark.


Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Curse Removal

World famous Curse Removal Energy Balancing. This is balancing your energy centers (chakras) Removing curses, energy overlays, ties and binds that keep one from moving forward. this process takes only 10 minutes.



30 minute Spiritual Reading 



Angelite Massage tool

Small Angelite massage tool Great for releasing pain and stress. They also glow in the dark.


  • 11x18 Large Angelite healing Plate 

  • Medium Angelite massage tool

  • that glows in the dark



Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Spiritual Tune-up Time Come Quantum Leap with Cathy Bilsky.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is taking back all your energy that you gave away or people have taken from you with or without your permission from all your past, present, future and planetary incarnations.

Also included is a major curse removal and your parent overlays are removed.

You will also be reconnected to the Creator.

This process takes one hour.



  • Shamanic Soul Retrival

  • Spiritual Reading

  • Medium Angelite Massage tool 

  • 11x18 large Angelite Healing Plate